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Weird and wonderful world of winter sports

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Everyone knows we love skiing in Europe. Snowboarding and all the other traditional pastimes that make the winter just what it is – the most magical playtime of the year. The snow on the mountains is absolutely brilliant and many of us simply can’t wait to get out on the slopes and strap our skis on. But before you do we thought we’d take a look at some less commonplace winter events you might not yet have tried. If you want to try some of these out you might just want to check your cheap ski insurance will cover you as many policies oddly won’t cover some of these activities.

The winter biathlon
It sounds fairly un-weird this one – what are you expecting? A nice bit of skiing then a swim? A run? How about some shooting? That’s actually what a winter biathlon involves in northern Europe – cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. In these activities you get points for how quick you are and how accurately you can shoot targets. Definitely an odd one but becoming more available worldwide.

Ice Sailing
Why let your boat sit idle on the frozen lakes and rivers of winter. Get it out of the shed and start putting some wheels on that sucker as its time to go ice sailing. It’s fairly obvious what this entails but great fun and you can get a lot more speed on Ice than you can elsewhere. Best places to try this are Switzerland, Northern Europe and Russia as they have lots of frozen lakes!

Shovel Racing
I’m not quite sure that this constitutes a sport but it sounds like fun. It’s basically the poor man’s tobogganing as you shove a shovel between your legs and careen your way down a hill. Of course a lot of people have now invested far too much time and energy building super sleek shovels capable of hitting speeds of over 60mph so there’s plenty of thrill seeking opportunity here.

Blade Running
Blade running is perhaps one of the weirdest winter sports to ever hit our list and it certainly offers a lot in the way of adrenaline fueled fun. It’s basically a combination of slalom racing and skydiving. You basically jump out of a plane above a downhill ski run, release your parachute and then have to wind your way through the “blades” without touching the ground! The blades are usually only about ten feet off the ground so this is incredibly tricky – but sounds like a lot of fun.

This is possibly one of the funniest sports on our list and if you’ve got a few pets or a vehicle of some kind lying around then this might not be too hard to have a go at. Basically you stick on some skis and attach yourself to a “something” – basically anything that can pull you; man, beast or vehicle and then………………..you race. Hell we want to try this just racing to work sometimes but generally a slalom run or cross country race is what’s in order. Just try not to do it round the M25 if we get more snow this year.
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