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Accommodation in Hampshire

Hampshire, located in the South of England, is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing weekend away from the city or a laid back trip with your family. Hampshire has a lot to offer to its visitors including beautiful scenery and a plush country side. Visitors flock to Hampshire for its coasts and rolling green hills. Hampshire also has lovely villages and busy markets offering some of the freshest produce in England. Apart from that, Hampshire remains to be relatively affordable as compared to other vacation places in the UK. All these factors have made Hampshire one of the most popular locations for conferences, meetings and vacations alike.
Due to the fact that Hampshire is located on the coast, it is nearby several ports. This means that there are a lot of people who stay for the night before getting on cruises. Families and couples also comprise a huge chunk of tourists that Hampshire welcomes all year round. It shouldn’t be difficult to look for accommodation in Hampshire. The county has a wide variety of accommodations from bed and breakfast, chalets and guest houses. You are to surely find a place to stay in Hampshire, regardless of your preferences or budget.
If you are looking for more traditional and conventional accommodations, Hampshire has some of the best inns in England. Hampshire boasts beautiful woodlands and heaths. This adds significant charm to traditional inns in Hampshire. Anchor Inn which has a very British theme is one of the most popular ones. The rooms will evoke a feeling of nostalgia the moment you set foot in them. The Peat Spade inn is another beautiful and ideally situated inn. The view from The Peat Spade is picturesque and it is also well-known for its amazing food.
For people who are looking for more contemporary and modern accommodation in Hampshire, you will not be disappointed. There has been a rise of contemporary hotels in Hampshire. One might think that contemporary hotels do not blend well with the environment of Hampshire. However, hotels like The Aviator will prove you wrong. The Aviator is a boutique hotel that will appeal to urbanites visiting Hampshire. The rooms are sleek and ooze of elegance and opulence.
Are you planning to visit Hampshire for the weekend? If yes, then you might be up for one of the most memorable weekends. Hampshire has some of the best places to stay for weekenders who are craving for the tranquillity of the country side. Master Builder’s in Hants is a magnificent place that is full of character and history. Master Builder overlooks the stunning Beaulieu River. The background of this hotel alone will leave you in awe. The interiors are fascinatingly quirky yet relaxing and very comfortable.
You certainly do not have to worry about places to stay in Hampshire. As its popularity increases, the varieties of accommodation in Hampshire also change to cater to the needs of their visitors. So whether you are a weekender, a family, a couple off to a romantic getaway or an overnight guest, Hampshire will definitely have a place for you.
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