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Adrenaline-fuelled days out for fathers and sons

The father and son relationship can take on some interesting hues. From the duo who are continually competing, bickering and exactly like each other, to the ones who are aloof and poles apart, all father and son bonds need to be strengthened from time to time with a dose of one-on-one outdoor time. Here are some ideas for adrenaline-fuelled days that a father and son can enjoy. Dress comfortably with flat-soled shoes and dive head first into these experiences.

A day at the races

If the son is old enough to drive, a visit to the racetrack can be a day of gear head bonding. Some tracks, such as the Thruxton Motorsport Centre in Hampshire, offer a wide range of package options for the enthusiast to the experienced. They also have a junior package where the son would get to drive a Porsche Cayman (under supervision) a thrilling experience that is sure to last long in the memory. The cost for two is 400 to 500 pounds for the day. Some of the race cars at this circuit, such as the Formula One cars, run McLaren engines.

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Whatever the choice of adventure, there are plenty of opportunities just waiting for the father and son duo to enjoy and bond over. Pick an activity that the son will enjoy, and then watch his face light up as the adrenaline rush hits.

Bungee jumping

One needs to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush from a bungee jump to truly understand it. It is a sure-fire way to get even the most aloof father and son duo talking like two giggly girls. While bungee jumping is now very common and widely available, a little due diligence to check if the operator has a BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association) certificate is certainly in order. Bungee jumping is offered from different heights ranging from about 60 to 200 feet. If this is a first time, its best to start with smaller heights. The approximate cost per bungee jump is 40 to 80.

Sporting events

If the son is a sports fan, why not buy tickets to a big game with his home team? The sporting event is a great opportunity to get the conversation going. From discussing favourite players and team strategy to near misses, there are so many things to talk about and bond over. The average cost of two tickets for an English Premier League match would be around 150 if you were going to see some of the bigger clubs.

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