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Why not head to a football game to get a true taste of English sporting culture?

The humble pie or pasty, drinking cold pints of beer after work, complaining, and queuing Ė when it comes to being British, there are few things that we do as well as these examples, and our country is actually famed, worldwide, for a great many aspects of its culture. When it comes to celebrating sports, in fact, there are few countries to rival our spirit, particularly when it comes to our football fans.

Experience the rush of an English football match

When it comes to experiencing a true taste of England, we can make only one suggestion: be sure to drag your family, or mates, to see as many football matches as possible, especially if your stay is limited. You see, going to watch a football match is one of the most rewarding, and British, experiences that this great country has to offer, and fans from every walk of life religiously flock to their teamís stadium, or the rivalís pitch, week in and week out; isnít it about time you joined them? While watching your team win or lose a match can be a fantastic or emotional experience in itself, heading to the football stadium with a bunch of friends or family members is also a great way to bond; nothing draws families together like the thrill of a match, the heartbreak of a missed penalty, or the sheer jubilance of a 3-0 win against your biggest rivals. Similarly, thereís nothing quite like an overpriced burger or pasty, the chants of the crowd, or the disappointment of a Ďblindí referee to help you feel truly British!

So, just how should you go about planning the perfect afternoon at your favourite football stadium? First thingís first: pre-buy those tickets, particularly if the game is one between two huge teams or part of a big tournament. This tends to help you keep prices down, as unfortunately, football can be a little expensive. We certainly canít recommend those pesky ticket toutsÖ Secondly, plan your entrance and exit strategy in advance. Shortly before kick off and directly after the game, football stadiums become a mass of people, so itís essential to know where youíre sitting, how to get there, and where you can leave the stadium with ease. Itís also worth locating the stadiumís nearest pub so that you and your group can give the game a suitable debrief. While watching a game of football on the TV can be exhilarating, there is nothing quite like experiencing it all live. From the accumulated passion of the fans around you to the roar of the chanting, itís an English experience thatís not to be missed. However, it is incredibly important to keep your wits about you. Football hooliganism is, sadly, a part of the British football culture that keeps giving it a bad name. We therefore advise that you keep alcohol out of the equation until after the game, allow those around you to voice their opinions, and remember that football is supposed to be fun!

Place your bets

The only thing more exciting than watching a football match live is the knowledge that youíve placed a bet. Imagine holding that slip in your hand to have your predictions realised in front of your eyes Ė thereís nothing quite like it! It is important to conduct your research before entering your bet, of course; with so many types of bet, from each way and patent, to acca bets and doubles, trebles, and four-fold accumulators, betting on the game can be a little confusing! That said, betting against your friends or choosing the outcomes of matches together is yet another way that football can be enjoyed, and is another way to experience the true Britishness of watching the match; it is really worth considering making a prediction or two!

Of all the things that are typically British, heading to a stadium to watch a game of football has to be up there with the most emotional and exciting experiences to be had on these fair isles. Whether youíre predicting the outcomes of the match in a spot of friendly betting or simply watching for fun, nothing beats football, a true taste of English sporting culture.

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