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Historic Houses & Gardens in Hampshire

There are a multitude of beautiful Historic Houses and Gardens in Hampshire to visit. Here are just a few examples.
From around the 16th century, Palace House at Beaulieu, near Lyndhurst has been home to the Montagu family .The family mostly resided within the wing called the `Victorian`. To the rear of the house are the remains of an abbey. The sections of the house which are available for public viewing include the Montagu family`s treasures and mementos. Here one will also find the famous National Motor Museum, which houses some of the most impressive cars to be found anywhere in the world; there are more than 250 cars to be seen here.
Breamore house can be found between Bournemouth and Salisbury. The settlement at the Breamore House dates all the way back to the 10th century. During the Middle Ages the estate was sold by Queen Elizabeth to a man named Christopher Hatton. In the year 1856, a fire destroyed much of the interior of the house; however quite a lot of the contents did survive. The house was then reconstructed. Today you will find a vast collection of furniture and pictures as well as the Countryside Museum.
Broadlands House is situated at Romsey, in the gardens found on the Test River. Hnery Temple owned the House for a time and during his ownership he did quite a bit of landscaping. However his grandson decided to have the house reconstructed in the year 1765.A new wing was added by Palmerston, the third Viscount. The Victorian Wing was then torn down in the year 1954 by Lord Mountbatten. The present owner of the House is Lord Mountbatten`s grandson. There is an exhibition which can be found in the stable block; it depicts his life and there is a visual audio presentation.
Other houses worth visiting include West Green House near Hartley Witney, The Vyne near Basingstoke and Osborne house on the Isle of Wight.
Exbury Gardens is located quite close to Hythe. The gardens span more than 200 acres and overlook the River Beaulieu. These gardens include the renowned Rothschild plant collection. Features of the gardens include screes, rockeries, ponds, trees, cascades, a Water Garden, a Rose Garden and a Heather Garden. There are also organised themed walks.
Gilbert White`s Gardens and House can be found in Selborne. This garden once belonged to a Reverend named Gilbert White. Features include a laburnum arch, a herb garden, a topiary and the six quarters. The Oates Mememorial trust own the property today.
Sir Harold Hillier Gardens are close to Romsey. They were first created by Sir Harold Hillier who was a well known nurseryman, in the year 1953. The gardens span over 180 acres and have large collection of about40,000 plants and there are about 12000 species to be seen here. There is a heather garden, a bog garden, an acer valley as well as beautiful magnolias, azaleas and rhododendrons. The Hampshire council have owned the gardens since the year1977.
All of the above mentioned houses and gardens are certainly worth a visit; however they can be difficult to get to if you do not own a car in the UK. Consider renting one for trips to these places; cheap car hire can easily be organised.

Historic Houses & Gardens in Hampshire
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